Our Mission

To create and empower everyone’s online body identity

Our Values

Image Empowering

We believe every body is unique and should be celebrated

The Customer is Queen

Listen, understand and help her – gain her trust and give her products which are engaging, valuable and entertaining

Validated Learning

Data informs us and measures results but gut instinct can provide inspiration

Be Brave

Try stuff out, break new ground. If you stand still you’re going backwards

Be Resourceful

Discover things, keep learning and improving in the quest for success, and, when something is promised, make sure it’s delivered

Our Story

A few years ago, our CEO, Tom Adeyoola, knew that his girlfriend loved clothes shopping. He also knew that if you were shopping online it became a lot less fun and a lot more annoying. After a while Tom decided to try and find a way to help his girlfriend (now wife) love shopping online as well as in store.

Why couldn’t you tell a website a few simple measurements and enjoy an experience focused on how you want to look instead of how some model looks? After Tom teamed up with our co-founder and ‘R&D Guru’ Duncan Robertson, the two started to look at the problem using breakthroughs in advanced computer vision technology from Cambridge University. And so Metail was born, back in 2008.

Since then our team has grown from two to about sixty. We spent a lot of time in Cambridge, developing an R&D partnership with the University, working away in silence while we made our technology better and better.

While the life of the top secret developer is pretty cool, we were glad to break cover in 2012 and launch with our first commercial partner Clothing at Tesco. Although the past years have allowed us to develop close relationships with partners and retailers, we know that we can do even more.

With an expanding team (including 10 PHDs) and over $20 million in funding, we see a future where the ‘MeModel’ is everyone’s trusted guide in online experiences involving your body.

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