Connect with your consumers

Every body is unique, so finding the perfect fit can be challenging. Inconsistent clothing sizes and complicated sizing charts worldwide make it difficult for shoppers to find clothes that fit and suit them. This leads to high returns and unhappy consumers.

We help you connect with your consumers to predict and recommend products they will keep. Give your shoppers the right fit and boost their confidence to buy.

How it works

The MeModelĀ®

Our disruptive technology empowers brands to deliver personalised experiences at scale.

Maximise your sell-through by understanding the convergence of fit, personal style and what flatters each body. For everybody.

Why choose the MeModelĀ®?

Higher engagement

Give your shoppers the ultimate technology in body visualisation: the ability to try-on clothes online. Play with different styles and fits, get size and garment recommendations tailor-made to each shopper. Democratise personal style through technology, at scale.

Increase conversions

Maximise sell-through and increase customer retention by understanding the convergence of fit, personal style and what flatters each unique body shape. Give your shopper the confidence in their style and fit choices to click 'buy now'.

Reduce returns

Minimise the need for multiple size purchases and, as a result, cut fit-based return rates by helping your shoppers find the right style and fit. Cut the guess work out of online shopping.

Boost customer loyalty

A great shopping experience results in a happy consumer. A happy shopper is a loyal one, which leads to more repeat purchases. Help your shoppers find clothes they will love and keep.

Expand your knowledge about your shoppers

Drill down on actionable data to know which clothes are likely to be returned by whom and when, and, which are likely to sell out. Make more informed decisions on merchandising, inventory and product by understanding each unique shopper.

Manage inventory efficiently

Incentivise behaviours, market to individuals and cohorts at speed and with precision. Easily match consumer body profiles, fit and style preferences to your stock inventory. Minimise excess inventory lines and improve operational efficiency.

Streamline your supply chain

Harness the power of insights to maximise your competitiveness and ability to quickly sense and respond to market trends and supply chain opportunities. Reduce the product development lead time and cost through the technology of 3D digitisation.

Cross-device reach

Deliver personalised experiences to every one of your shoppers. Any time, anywhere. Deliver a seamless online experience on the web, mobile and tablet.

Unparalleled technology

It's pure performance. Our state-of-the art machine learning algorithms continuously learn from new data every day, drilling down to over 7.2 billion data points - and counting.

"We are shaping seamless online shopping experiences that make it easier than ever for customers to find and buy fashion that fits them. Metail is a long time partner and has been essential in ensuring we achieve this vision."

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