Help us shape the future of online fashion

Our data actively redefines how brands get to know their online shoppers, understand what they like and connect with them - and you'll get to see its impact daily. So come ready to take on challenges no one has ever come up against, and overcome them with solutions you build from the ground up.

We operate as equals, not weighted down by hierarchy or process. We collaborate how we see fit and make big decisions within the team. Ownership and independence.

Meet the team

Meet our tech stack

We mix continuous deployment with modern technologies like UNet and ConvNets, service oriented architecture, and new frameworks like React. But we are open to trying anything as long as it seems like a good fit.

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Never stop learning

Metail is where you can learn faster than the world is changing. Weekly demos, 15+ guilds, hackathons. Be prepared to learn and share every day.

OKRs & Crew structure

We strive to disrupt from the inside out. Our teams run as an agile structure, motivated and focused on delivery. No ego, no politics, no fear.

Break new ground

The work you do at Metail won't be in isolation. You'll see your impact at every level, from the front to the back end.

Current openings

No openings available at the moment.

Have a different job in mind? Email and let us know what you’re thinking.