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We wanted to create a unique, engaging and innovative platform which could enable users to engage in the biggest social event of the year.

The Royal Wedding in May, 2018 gripped the world. 1.9 billion people tuned in worldwide (over 18 million in Britain alone) to watch the most anticipated event of the year. There were 40,000 tweets per minute attributed to this one event – that’s 3.4 million tweets throughout the entire ceremony.

Metail harnessed its cutting-edge 3D visualisation technology to create a world-first Royal Wedding digital try-on platform.

Metail created two collections: a ‘Get the Meghan Look‘ collection where consumers could indulge in her favourite styles, and try them on digitally on their own body models (called MeModel); and also a ‘Guess the wedding dress’ collection featuring a broad variety of wedding gown styles that could potentially be chosen by the bride to be.

Not only could consumers try on our collection on their own digital bodies (in their actual unique body sizes and shapes), they could also engage in dressing up a digital Meghan Markle, a  world first for shoppers and fashionistas.

Following the big day, Metail digitised budget-friendly versions of Meghan’s Givenchy wedding dress and Stella McCartney reception dress for consumers to try on and then click through to purchase.

Metail’s technology has created a fun and immersive experience to involve ‘every body’ in Royal Wedding fever, but also to highlight a more pressing issue in the fashion industry. Metail’s mission is to change how companies approach online retail. Instead of the one-size fits all approach the fashion industry has been using for years, the MeModel technology allows shoppers to put in their individual measurements, to find the best dress for their own unique body size and shape.

Remarketing Royal Wedding

Metail has revolutionised online shopping with its computer vision software that allows customers to create a bespoke 3D model of themselves – named MeModel.
The 3D MeModel of the future royal looks incredibly accurate. It's a fun way to try out the different types of dresses she could be wearing. And, then you can try them out on your own MeModel.

Evening Standard

Metail's clever tool uses your measurements to show what you would look like in the royal bride-to-be's clothes and whether the former actress's clothes would really suit your body shape.

Daily Mail

Now YOU can see if Meghan Markle’s wardrobe suits your body shape with Metail's handy new digital tool.

The Sun

Metail has launched the ingenious Royal Wedding Try-On Boutique, where the public can try-on and guess Meghan's wedding dress choices digitally before the big day.
It is incredibly straight forward to use – you click through each digital 'Meghan' which has a separate dress on, letting you check out lots of options the former Suits star may opt for. If seeing the 36-year-old fiancé of Prince Harry in a variety of wedding gowns inspires you – you can create your own 'MeModel' and see what wedding styles suit you. How clever!

Hello Magazine
campaign numbers asset 1
  • The campaign was a massive success, achieving broad coverage, engaging with hundreds of thousands of consumers and achieving strong KPI metrics:
  • Adoption rate of up to 160%
  • Users from 46 countries and 5 continents worldwide
  • 50% increase on time spent on site
  • 1 in 3 visitors browsed the entire collection
  • Broad audience, with ages ranging from 18 to 80+
  • Coverage & PR
  • Exposure to over 2.8million people from mentions in the press & social, including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Evening Standard
  • All achieved with no paid for adverts
  • Social media & email engagement were very high
  • 900,000 unique users were exposed to the campaign
  • 240,000 people exposed to the content on Twitter
  • 32% increase in email open rate
  • All achieved with no paid for social media adverts

Brand sentiment was overwhelmingly positive

97% of feedback & mentions were positive, across a broad range of ages and audiences
Custom Preset

Royal Wedding Boutique - Digital Try-On

Fashionistas and Royal Wedding aficionados could try to guess the Royal Wedding gown in the build up to the day, dress up a virtual Meghan Markle and even try on their favourite styles on their own digital body sizes and shapes
TryMetail Royal Wedding Boutique

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