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How Metail helped Odlo improve efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain

Odlo maximise efficiencies throughout their entire supply chain from Metail partnership.

Odlo needed help to drive up efficiencies in model photography in order to sell garments on major e-commerce platforms, such as Zalando.

Invisible mannequin photography is expensive and does not provide all the images Odlo need to sell the garments on Zalando. In addition, multiple resources, time and money were being spent shipping and tracking samples to and from photography agencies.

So they turned to Metail for help. By using Metail’s Composed 3D Photography technology, Odlo was able to drastically reduce resources, sample shipping costs and complexity of their model photography, streamlining production of images and getting them online faster on Zalando and other e-commerce platforms.

What is C3D or Composed 3D?

C3D brings together digitised designs with digitised bodies to illustrate how clothing looks on a body before it is made. This process enables retailers, designers, brands and consumers to reduce waste at almost every point of the current clothing supply chain.
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Why choose C3D

Save time & money

Allow design changes to be made without the delay and cost of actual sample alterations and related transport between manufacturer, designer, retailer.

Streamline your supply chain

On average 35% of all materials end up as waste before a garment reaches the consumer. This doesn't need to be the case.

Visualisation at Ease

Decision makers (brand or retailer) can visualise the full collection at point of purchase, before even making the clothes.

Sell Before You Make

Deliver a single garment or outfit visuals direct to consumer so they can make a purchase decision before item has been made.

Deliver What Shoppers Want

Release single garment or outfit visuals for marketing purposes via social media to test market appetite.

“We had a great time working with Metail on this project. We always found them really helpful and a pleasure to work with! We really loved the outcome of last season's work!"

Senior Designer

“I am amazed with the work you’ve done for Sportstyle!”

Development Apparel Director

“We showed the presentation to buyers and it was very well received.”

Lidl HK
General Manager - Online & PD Textile