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What is your offer put simply?
Composed Photography will save you time and money on your online model photography without compromising on image quality.

Can we choose our own model and is it included in the main price?
Yes, you can choose any models from our Model Library.

How many images do I get per garment?
As many as you’d like. You can have any combination of front, back and zoom/detailed shots. Please see our costs page for further information.

Where do I send clothes to?
You can send the clothes to our in-house studio in our headquarters in London, or use one of our studios across the globe. Please contact us for further information.

Do you offer headless shots?
Absolutely – we can make our solution work for your brand.

Smart technology for fashion imagery

Shoot images without the need to hire models, photographers, or hair and make up.

Your collection is styled and shot, then our technology dresses the model of your choice in your clothing as if she was photographed wearing it.

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

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Traditional Process

  • Plan

  • Style

  • Studio

  • Model Casting

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Shoot

  • Retouch

  • Licensing

  • Sell

Metail Composed Photography

  • Choose model

  • Shoot clothes

  • Style

  • Sell

  • Restyle

Save time and money at speed

Metail provides retailers with innovative photography technology to produce high quality fashion images.

Our photography is built for speed, efficiency and scalability.

Quality without the cost.

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Why choose Composed Photography?

Faster Time to Market

No need to hire models, hair and makeup, photographer, or retouching.

High Quality Images

Get immediate access to professional models, photographers and expert crew.

Visual Consistency

With our automated solution you can consistently predict and control all images to be on brand.

Complexity Reduction

Our innovative digital process brings simplicity and transparency to coordination and production flow.

Cost Efficiency

Scale your fashion imagery output, reduce your team's work, allocate your budget efficiently.

Styling Flexibility

Reuse garments, re-combine outfits and change models without the need to re-shoot.

"Metail has delivered a great, innovative solution for the production of images in our lookbook. The team's expertise in fashion technology and excellent customer service made the experience seamless and delivered great results."

Daniel Childs
Digital Operations Manager - Oliver Harvey

"Metail's Composed Photography is a cost effective and high quality solution to model photography. They delivered fast and great results that suited our brand and needs. I look forward to working with them again for our next collection."

Enhbold Neuhaus
Kaschmir und Mehr

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