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What is your offer put simply?
Composed Photography will save you time and money on your online model photography without compromising on image quality


Can we choose our own model and is it included in the main price?


How many poses can we choose from?
We have a choice of 10 – 15 poses, depending on the garment. You can also redress the model / pose as often as you like


How many images do I get per garment?
3 poses and 1 cropped image


Where do I send clothes to?
You can either shoot the garments yourself to our clear and simple specifications, or we can shoot them for you in our London studio


Do you offer headless shots?
Absolutely – we can make our solution work for your brand


Do we get invisible mannequin images?
Not yet

Quality images

Our innovative technology means models only need to be photographed once, whilst your collection is shot separately on our custom made mannequins. Our tech then dresses the model in your clothing as if she was photographed wearing it.

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Save time and money

As models only need to be photographed once, this eliminates the behind the scenes costs and saves you precious time.

We tailor our pricing to suit your needs. For more information, please get in touch with Brad Bird on brad@metail.co.uk

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