How many tech companies do you know that have been BAFTA nominated? Not many? Not any? Well, we were nominated for our work with ITV’s This Morning on ‘Take Over The Makeover’, a monthly feature that allowed viewers to become stylists from their own homes.


Metail and ITV’s This Morning ‘Take Over The Makover’ BAFTA Nomination


The BAFTA excitement kicked off with the Nominees party in the stylish Corinthia Hotel near Trafalgar Square, where Metail and the ITV team went to enjoy champagne, canapés and star spotting. Lead Dragon, Duncan Bannatyne and the choir master Gareth Malone were spotted nibbling Asian-style shrimps with coriander dressing and smoked salmon blinis.



Tom Adeyoola and Heather Campbell at the BAFTA nominees party


As soon as our team had recovered from the Nominees night it was time for the BAFTA award ceremony on Sunday evening.


Tom Boucher, Tom Adeyoola, Katie Evans, Heather Campbell and Nick Day at the BAFTA Award Ceremony


We joined ITV’s This Morning team at table 8 for dinner, drinks and an apprehensive wait for the announcement of the Digital Creativity Award.


Katie Evans and ITV’s Adam Vandermark review the awards


BAFTA table and menu.jpg

The British Academy Television Craft Awards 


BAFTA guests.jpg

The BAFTA guests, nervously awaiting the Award winner announcements 


The competition was tough and in the end the brilliant D day production team won the golden trophy but the Metail team enjoyed the night and the honour of a BAFTA nomination none the less!

Tom summed it up for all of us.  “To get a nomination was a fantastic achievement. Being there amongst the best of British TV and soaking up the award ceremony atmosphere was an amazing experience. “


Metail- BAFTA Nominated 

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