Cinderella Story… Or Is It?

We’ve all been there. We have Saturday night’s look perfected, we’ve even gone shopping for the matching heels during Friday night’s rush trip home. Yet when we slip into that dream dress and put on that perfect pair of Cinderella slippers the last thing that we want on our mind is pain and discomfort.

This festive season, River Island have some showstopping heels we all want! Lace-up black heels, strappy silver stilettos and leopard print boots are every Cinderella’s dream slipper – learn how to banish the pain and wear them with comfort this Christmas!

  1. Always wear the right shoe size. Our feet change as we age, so having your feet measured every year should be on your to-do list.
  2. Know your foot type. Flat foot or high-arch? Knowing can help you purchase the right shoe – especially trainer – and save you from damaging your feet.
  3. Choose chunkier heels. The thinner the heel the more your foot wobbles which can lead to pain.
  4. Take a heel break. Wearing heels everyday? Give your feet a rest and stretch those ankles and toes.
  5. Shoe inserts really help!   

Taking care of your feet means you can live the fairy tale in comfort and style! Now #OpenTheAdvent and try on your dream slipper!



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