Dressing for your shape, not a mannequin

This week we have been researching different body shape categories and their importance when it comes to achieving the perfect style and fit.

We have all been there; you see an amazing dress on a coat hanger or on a mannequin in a store window, you rush in to try it on; excited doesn’t even come close to how you felt.  The result? Disappointment. Frustration. How and why did that perfect dress look so wrong on you? And, more importantly, how can you avoid it happening again?

To understand more, we have teamed up with styling professionals from ‘​The Image Consulting ​Company’, an online fashion house dedicated to ensuring you always look your best, to hear their views on why knowing and understanding your body shape will help make finding the perfect outfit easier.

A well fitted outfit creates a balanced silhouette; flattering your figure, and knowing which body shape you fall into is essential in creating the perfect style. We have identified seven main body shapes, each with their own set of rules for dressing for the best fit.

CEO and Co-founder Tom Adeyoola created Metail to offer women an online experience where they could create the looks they wanted based on their individual shapes.  “Here at Metail, our mission is to create and empower everyone’s online body identity. We are dedicated to creating a revolutionary experience where customers are able to shop through their own body shape and image, rather than in reaction to projected beauty, fashion and appearance ideals. We hope to enable everyone to discover products and brands that are suited to their personal needs and desires through their own profile of preferences and size data.”

Personal Stylist Emmeline, from The Image Consulting Company said, “Shopping for clothes you like in styles that don’t suit your shape is as productive as throwing your money down the drain. It’s important to understand what style of clothing works for you to make the most of your wardrobe. Most of us utilise just 20% of our wardrobes because we don’t know what suits us and spend money on clothes that don’t fit correctly. To make best use of your money and maximise your wardrobe, discovering and understanding your shape is paramount alongside investing in clothing that also suits your lifestyle”.


The Image Consulting Company: http://theimageconsultingcompany.blogspot.co.uk/

*Sample Body Shape Chart from Your New Image, 16.03.12, http://themuseflash.com/2012/page/3/

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