FIT visits Metail to investigate… fit


This January Metail hosted 15 Fashion Design Masters in Fine Arts students from the prestigious New York ‘Fashion Institute of Technology’. The students were visiting London, Paris and Milan for a 3-part seminar entitled ‘FIT Investigates fit’, and came to  Metail to learn more about and explore the fit of garments utilising modern fit techniques like our MeModel Experience™.


The Master of Fine Arts program in Fashion Design from FIT is a first of its kind programme to be offered by the institution. Students are mentored in a structured environment, but given the resources and support to be innovative in their design, fit, cut, construction, silhouette and materiality of their work. During the course, students travel to global destinations to investigate fit and international production systems – this lead them to Metail.


Metailers Emily, Gala, Vik and Sarah had the opportunity to present to the students on how Metail tackles the issue of fit, so retailer garments look presentable and real on our MeModel®. Our Chief Creative Officer, Sarah, welcomed and gave the students an overview of the Metail story, explaining how we are currently disrupting the fashion industry by allowing shoppers to try on clothes online before they buy, with our MeModel Experience™, and how Metail is changing the way consumers shop by providing accurate size, fit and garment recommendations from their own input data. From these powerful data insights on the backend, our MeModel Experience™ can assist in future purchases by looking at buying habits, outfit styles and scrolling activity.


Digitisation Manager, Emily, took the students on a tour of the Metail studio. She took the students through Metail’s unique digitisation process and explained how we observe a garment’s fit from the mannequin to ensure it resembles the real thing when digitised. Emily walked our guests through Metail’s unique digitisation process, from when garments are shot, captured images go through our advanced processing software to be digitised into 3D, through to going live on the retailer’s website. Gala explained the technology used to give realism to the 3D digital MeModel® and the variance of body shapes and sizes, how the user experience works, how the garments are fitted digitally to the MeModel®, and finally how our MeModel Experience™ recommends accurate size and fit advice to users.


Finally, Metailer Vik shared his thoughts on how our MeModel Experience™ can be used in the future to keep up with the ever-changing online shopping experience. Using our partner Browzwear and giant, Amazon as an example. This is when the conversation became interesting as the students really began to see how they can be the change in the industry. Interesting discussions about how soon, shoppers will want to shop for their own body shape not their size. Would clothing be made only after purchase? Maybe made-to-measure will become more affordable for the average shopper? Inturn, this could help with the reduction in garment waste produced. Students questioned whether designer-less fashion could be a thing of the future. Metail CEO, Tom Adeyoola, was quick to point out that nothing could replace the creativity of a fashion designer within the industry.


By helping the students understand how Metail is trying to be an innovator in the fashion and tech industry of providing shoppers with accurate size recommendations, the students understood where they, as designers, could potentially make a difference to the supply chain they are soon going to be a part of.


We had a great morning of sharing information, and also learning from the students on how they see the industry changing, how they are determined to be a generation of designers that takes ‘real bodies’ and the overall supply chain into consideration before putting pen to paper.


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