Get Colourful with Kahlo

So your summer sandals and bathing suits may be living at the back of your wardrobe already, but we feel you should think twice before packing all your summer colours away.

Colour brings life, not only to your wardrobe, but to that pale winter skin that reappears at this time every year! Thanks to it being Spicy Guacamole Day, we’re drawing artistic inspiration from the colourful world of Frida Kahlo. Mexican inspiration fuelled with bright colours reflects Frida’s personal style.

So, here is how you can get the perfect Frida look that is fitting for winter;

  1. Long skirts. Did you know that Kahlo had one shorter leg thanks to polio. Wearing long skirts can be adapted for winter by adding a pair of thick tights to keep you warm.
  2. Blouses inspired by Mexican prints add a touch of ‘spice’ to your outfit. What’s even better is that your skirt and blouse don’t need to match!
  3. Wear a shawl. Perfect for winter and a complement to the Kahlo outfit.  
  4. No surprise, but flowers and ribbons in you hair do the trick.
  5. And finally, eclectic jewelry will finish off your Kahlo look perfectly.

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Images: from Pinterest

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