'It's all hard work. It's been a long journey, grafting and grafting, but anything is possible.'

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog, but that’s not to say we’ve not been busy.  As you know we launched our first commercial trial on 29th February with Tesco, through their Facebook channel.  What you won’t know is that it went on to win Tesco’s ‘Best online innovation’ award as voted for by the CEO and senior exec team, beating their famous South Korea virtual shopping wall project into the bargain.  Since the successful trial we have been working hard to improve all areas of our technology incorporating all our learnings, roadmap improvements and cutting edge R&D that we have consolidated together and can’t wait to release in the coming few weeks.  We’ve also signed up a host of other major retailers, won an R&D grant, raised new funding and further built out the team with a fantastic mix of talented individuals.

It has been a hard summer of work for us, when it often felt like the rain was doing us a favour by not taunting us with the temptations of the fun in the sun that we could have been having.  All the hard work has been worth it and we’re now on the brink of an exciting period – full commercial launch that will bring a lot of exciting news, developments and changes.

We’ve been pumped up and spurred on by the glorious few weeks of the London 2012 Olympics celebrated in our neighbourhood.  Two weeks when we cast off our natural British cynicism, recaptured our flag and rejoiced in a joyous spirit I can’t remember in my lifetime.  A renewed sense of national identity, pride, hope and confidence in what can be achieved, spurred on by the amazing event, atmosphere, togetherness, opening ceremony and feats achieved by all the incredible athletes, who had been gearing up all their lives if not the last four years through ultimate self-sacrifice and effort for the chance to compete against the best to be the best.  Four years that has also coincidentally been the length of Metail’s journey to get to commercial launch, so to quote the great Mo Farah:

‘It’s all hard work. It’s been a long journey, grafting and grafting, but anything is possible.’

So for Metail, let the games begin!

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