Metail is proud to announce the arrival of Bree – our new and improved MeModel

As of Monday the 8th of May, after a year of hard and dedicated work from our MeModel, Garments and Retail crews, we officially rolled out our new MeModel – Bree – to all our existing retail partners.  

What does Bree bring to the screen that Cindy couldn’t, you may ask? Thanks to this new body-model development from our MeModel crew, Bree has the ability to be posed and more accurately reflect how users stand when trying on clothing, something we soon realised was a need after many hours of user-testing. This ‘poseability’ derives from the fact that Bree has more ‘bones’ in her body, or a more realistic skeleton, which allows for easier articulation and joint movement.

Bree’s improved skin tone, shading and skeleton means she has a more lifelike appearance, including natural looking breasts, authentic looking hands and accurate height understanding.


Pushing Cindy aside, Bree now takes centre-stage on all our retail partner websites, as well as our TryMetail demo site. Bree creates many exciting opportunities ongoing for the company and our partners.

Bree will allow our crews to finish working on our male MeModel, internally named Philip, who we expect to welcome to the Metail family towards the end of the year. Once Philip has successfully gone live, our teams will be focusing their efforts on offering poseability to our wider group of partners.

At Metail we are always open to user feedback on how we can further improve the online shopping experience. Do lookout for Bree and let us know how she has improved your online shopping experience.

Example of poses Bree will enable ongoing

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