Metail’s 2018 Online Shopping Predictions


Metailers are encouraged, as part of our company culture, to be vocal and share our own thoughts on a range of topics. Whether it be on our product, company values or even a restaurant recommendation, we trust and listen to fellow colleagues so we can be sure we are delivering a product and service that the entire team believes in.


This year, our CEO Tom Adeyoola asked us to share our own personal predictions for the clothing and technology industries and consumer behaviour patterns for 2018. After everyone has had a chance to share their thoughts, Tom collates the responses, adds his own voice (and research) and delivers the results to all of us at our first company meeting of the year. We learn where Metail currently fits in and where we will fit into these 2018 industry predictions.


This January our predictions had a few common themes – one of them being Amazon. Our Metail prediction is that Amazon is only going to grow stronger this year, potentially take over clothing staple retailers, and even trial their own Amazon bespoke clothing line. Amazon is already showing staggering growth in the clothing sector and we strongly believe they’re only going to get bigger. Analysts expect Amazon to sell 28 billion dollars’ worth of clothing in 2018. During 2017’s holiday season, Amazon reported that Cyber Monday was bigger than any other shopping day, and it is reported that the retailer may have accounted for half of Black Friday online sales. While our team feels there may be a few deaths amongst some high-street brands and retailers, others may surprise and bounce back, as their investment in ecommerce pays off – Next’s 2017 Christmas results, anyone?


Technology innovation predictions is a favourite amongst many in our team as we’re passionate about our tech and disrupting the future of online shopping into a more consumer focused experience. Metailers believe there will be an increase and further improvements in digital assistants combined with non-touch interfaces – think Alexa and Siri. On demand clothing manufacturing will begin to get traction while machine learning will continue to improve how services like size and garment recommendation operate. Data will become king where it isn’t already.


Consumer behaviour predictions is another favourite amongst the team. We constantly conduct user testing to continue creating a product that works with ever-changing consumer behaviour. We believe more consumers are going to be moving to, and trusting, online more. According to Deloitte, over December 2017, American shoppers planned to spend 51% of their holiday shopping budget online as opposed to in-store. As physical footfall in shops continues to decrease and more shoppers move online, they will come to expect quality service and goods that meet their expectations. Mobile shopping will continue to grow worldwide, and purchase decisions will be more influenced by social media and customer reviews.


So where does Metail fit in all these predictions? The MeModel® is not too far from a digital assistant, as she already provides online shoppers with size, fit and garment recommendations. Through powerful data insights on the backend, the MeModel Experience™ can assist in future purchases by looking at buying habits, outfit styles and scrolling activity. We are continually trying to make consumers who do not shop online for clothes feel comfortable to do so, by pushing boundaries and listening to what shoppers want.


As we gear up to take on the challenges of 2018, we are determined to be one of the early market movers in personalised 3D head digitisation and virtual avatars. Our consumer centric approach is the fuel that keeps us striving for innovations that help retailers deliver fully personalised online shopping experiences which give online shoppers more confidence in what they are purchasing. By pooling from billions of data points, Metail’s technology is able to suggest additional garments and styles that shoppers with a similar fit have tried on. We believe the future of online shopping belongs to the consumer, and our Metailers’ 2018 industry predictions are a testament of that.


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