Silicon Milkround Cambridge

As with all start-ups we have found recruiting one of our biggest challenges.  The Silicon Milkroundabout events of last year were a fantastic initiative to bring developers and exciting start-ups together, but our development team is based in Cambridge, so we’ve decided to follow Songkick’s lead and with their support launch the Cambridge version: Silicon Milkround Cambridge:

Rounding up engineers and developers for 30-40 of the best young tech start-ups

The University Arms Hotel, Cambridge

28th April 2012, 2pm-6pm

Twitter: @MilkroundCam
#SMRC #startuplife


Metail is fortunate to have its head office in London’s Tech City and to benefit from all the government and media attention that the area is currently getting, but technology and growth in the UK is not just about London.  If anything, Cambridge has been our core high end technology hub for decades, fed by the inventions and innovations coming out of Cambridge University.

As such, start-up recruitment events need to happen all over the country if we are to generate new growth and increase the awareness of new business alternatives for prospective employees.  I’d love to see Silicon Milkrounds spring up all over the country.  We’ve kick-started the one in Cambridge, because that is where we need to hire people and we need to show developers and engineers that there is an alternative to the City and the safety net of the big technology firms.  We do not intend to run the Cambridge event going forward as it is not core to what we do, but thankfully Cabume in Cambridge have expressed the desire to do so and so hopefully this will become a regular event.  Just one hire from an event like this pays back the costs of attending many times over when compared to recruitment consultant fees, so they are a no brainer.  Songkick showed that these events could be made to be exciting and dynamic and show off start-ups in the best possible light.  The formula works, so if it ain’t broke…

Start-ups are a real exciting alternative.  We’ve seen that with our engineers: we have one who used to work for Goldman Sachs, another graduate who quit the London life to move to Cambridge and even an Athenian web developer, (our best candidate for the job) who is moving from Greece to come work for us.  There are lots of jobs in start-ups…really exciting ones.  So come and join the start-up world and make a difference!


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