Skitail 2014

We had an amazing week skiing in Tom’s family home in Hemsedal, Norway. A total of fifteen Metailers from both our London and Cambridge offices set off from Gatwick on Norwegian air last week. ARRIVED IN NORWAY

Susie had organised our own Metail knitted hats from Zaini hats just in case any of us got lost.

metail hats

After a white knuckle two hour drive, we arrived at our very own winter wonderful complete with perfect snow covered, cosy wooden chalets and ghluewein.



Fearlessness and determination were demonstrated in abundance by skiing newbies Nic and Anton who rocketed down the highest red slopes with everyone else after just a day.

Feeling slightly more cautious, Alice and I stuck to conquering the less vertical slopes and focused on perfecting our skiing style!


There were a few slippery moment when Tom Barnes lost his Go Pro camera (don’t worry, a Metail search team found it in the end) and Tom Adeyoola performed a spectacular head first dive into twenty feet of snow, but all in all nothing was broken and everyone made it home safely. Roll on Skitail 2015.

group slopes shot

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