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Shoppers receive personalised size advice and style recommendations.

Shoppers trust us, and keep coming back.

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Recommendations you can trust

With size advice up to 95% accurate

We even take your shopper’s fit preferences into account.

Powered by our recommendation engine


Our intelligent algorithm led fashion bots continually learn over time.

Giving accurate and personalised size and style advice.


We help you sell more

Through reminders of abandoned shopping bags to complimentary style items.

Driving more sales for brands and delivering happier shoppers.

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We proven to lift sales per visitor by 22%


The vision behind Visualisation

Heavy investment in R&D continues to push our cutting edge 3D visualisation

Patent portfolio

With 9 patents granted and 22 pending Our tech

is innovative and grown out of the UK.

IP in Computer Vision, Photography, Mechanics, Image processing and Machine Learning.

Do you know your shoppers?

Let our unique data introduce you to them.

Once you know them, the possibilities to engage with them are endless.

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Understand who is wearing your clothes

We collect unique body data including: height, weight, bra size, waist and hips measurements.


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