Featuring Ltd embraces EcoShot for fast and flexible fashion development

In recent years, Featuring Ltd has implemented 3D in its product development process to alleviate major time and cost challenges. Before adopting 3D, typically, our work with our fashion brand clients involved getting design and fit approvals with many physical samples and sample yardage of fabric being transported from Asia to Europe for review. Presenting 3D samples to customers has helped speed up the approval process and minimised cost and delays. Using EcoShot garment-on-model images has helped Featuring go a step further by elevating how we present style ideas.

EcoShot images are even more convincing than regular 3D as customers can better visualise the garments, especially when we select good models for them. Our customers really appreciate the very early visualisation of ideas. Only approved ideas are turned into physical samples which is great for more targeted development, therefore saving resources and overcoming the need for multiple samples for individual garments.

The COVID19 pandemic has presented a new set of challenges. With mill and factory closures, vendors have struggled to produce photo samples for e-commerce. And even in cases where samples are available, it has not been possible to fly them out to locations in Europe for photoshoots. Furthermore, studio facilities have also been out of service. Using Browzwear’s 3D software and EcoShot makes it possible to create photo samples for e-commerce to meet critical marketing timelines. Our customers have a choice of using ghost images, EcoShot images or both, and this is becoming a more accepted approach when doing traditional photoshoots is not possible. Customers are increasingly interested in this new approach, and we are receiving more enquiries now as a result.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a fast and flexible fashion development service with our suite of 3D solutions, particularly in these challenging times as we all adopt new ways of working.

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EcoShot Image of a blue patterned dress on a model

A Featuring EcoShot Image