your online
fitting room

your online fitting room


Shopping for clothes online. For a lot of people it’s just not the same as going to a store and trying things on. How do you know whether all shop’s sizes will be the same? How can you combine different garments? But above all, how can you know how the clothes will look on you and not some fashion model?

It’s no wonder so many people find online clothes shopping uncertain, dull and annoying.


We thought this was ridiculous, and so we invented a way for people to finally enjoy shopping online with confidence. Using just a few simple measurements, Metail is able to deliver a 94-96% accurate 3D model of you, complete with your hairstyle and skin tone. More and more people are experimenting with how new looks look on their MeModel, relaxed in the intimacy of their own home with their own online fitting room.


“Online technology company has
developed a virtual shopping environment.”

“Make shopping online a richer experience that
more closely resembles being in a shop.”

“Metail, the software company that allows virtual
shoppers to try on clothes online.”

“Metail, the Uk-based virtual fitting room startup, has raised £2.6 million
in ‘growth funding’…having previously raised £2.8 million”

“Metail, the software company that allows virtual shoppers to try on clothes online,
is set to expand internationally after a £2.6m investment”


“ The process is simple;… it's time to dress yourself.”

mail online

“Clueless about what to wear? Cher Horowitz is here to help! Virtual
retail company recreate the cult film star's wardrobe for YOU to try on”

Get Started in 3 easy steps

1. Create a MeModel of yourself
in under 30 seconds

2. Try on clothes and create
outfits from online stores

3. Buy clothes with confidence
in how they look and fit

What Metail users think

  • "It's really helpful, I'd give it a 9/10"

  • “I like the fact you can build an outfit online and try different combinations, which is very helpful”

  • “I would use Metail because it gives you an idea of how it will look on you and your body”

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