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Try on the trends we saw at London Fashion Week. SS17 was all about velvet, ruffles & metallics so try them on your MeModel now.

ASOS A-Line Mini Skirt with Ruffle Pocket
Elastic High Heel Ankle Boots

Why use Metail?

Trying on clothes online increases engagement and overall sales.

Welcome to the future of online shopping.

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How does it Work?

It’s all about a great team and world leading technology. Together we deliver the ultimate in body visualisation and size recommendation.

What's under the hood? Meet the team

Who makes Metail?

A killer team of 60+ people (including 10 PHDs) split between London, Cambridge and Asia.

With over $20 million in funding, we see a future where the ‘MeModel’ is everyone’s trusted guide through the online fashion jungle.


Can we scale for you?

We can shoot up to 4,000 garments a month. We’re efficient, cost effective and scalable.

Challenge us – we can prove it works.

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Want to get going fast?

Our operations experts can work with you to find the best solution, and have your photography up and running within 24 hours

We’re already building the next generation photography rig – fully automated and calibrated for pefect shots every time. Come and speak to us for a sneak peak!

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What are the Results?

Happy shoppers and happy clients seeing higher dwell times, higher engagement and higher sales.

See it for yourself.

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Problem solved

We’re proven to lift sales per visitor by 22%

and reduced returns by 5%

See the results for yourself

Excite your shoppers with a taste of the future of online fashion.
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