Metail selected as Snap's first Shopping & Fashion GHOST Fellow

Metail selected as Snap’s first Shopping & Fashion GHOST Fellow

Metail is embarking on an exciting phase after being selected as a Lab Fellow for GHOST - Snap’s AR Innovation Lab. The fellowship will involve working closely with Snap AR’s teams to help build new AR applications that leverage the most advanced capabilities in Snap’s Lens Studio.

Helping shoppers assess design relevance

“The advertising industry was transformed when technology enabled advertisers to show more relevant online adverts to individuals. However, the visual and physical nature of clothes has made it harder for purely algorithmic approaches to bring this same level of relevance to apparel. This is why we believe AR is a positive change especially given the near infinite online choice of clothes. AR try-on effortlessly places individuals within clothes and lets them quickly see whether a design could be relevant to them.” Vikesh Shah, New Business Director

A global opportunity

On average, over 200 million daily active users across the world engage with augmented reality on Snapchat every day. Metail will now help Snap provide these users with the next generation of apparel AR Shopping Lenses that can both entertain and increase sales. By leveraging Lens Studio features such as body tracking and the ability to add your own ML models, Metail aims to increase the usefulness of apparel AR try-on whilst also increasing the amount of apparel AR try-on content.

“AR has been embraced with enthusiasm within and beyond fashion. With over a decade’s experience in developing technology for the fashion industry, we are excited to take a lead as Snap AR Fellows and help brands to unlock the potential of AR to connect meaningfully with consumers as well as support a new generation of creators.” , Jim Downing, CEO